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You’re a local company, taxed and registered in your home country or region. You know your patch like the back of your hand – every last bit of it. You are international in outlook, and you understand why traveler want to visit your country and the different experiences which different types of clients want when they are there. You are incredibly well organised and you take huge pride in service standards. You take great happiness and pride from finding out that some people from the other side of the world came to your country, traveled with your company and had an incredible, once in a lifetime trip.We are A world booking platform across the globe, for Hotel, Room (Accommodation), Tour, Rental, Activity. We have customers from all over the world come to us trying to find something better – a more authentic trip, an insight into local life and a real connection with where they’re going. Our partners love our amazing online technology platform. They use it to communicate directly with clients online and create a fantastic online itinerary (view able on all devices), which enables them to respond to enquiries easily and quickly.We choose our partners carefully, but once you’re in we will make it a partnership of friendship and trust with you. We will help you to grow your business and connect more closely with the people you most want to talk to – customers.If you think you fit what we want and you have some real spark and originality, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch directly with us and tell us more about what you do and how we can work together.We are a World booking platform seeking to partner with us in any country worldwide. Please complete Sign up as a partner and send us details about your company.

How does it work?

Why be a Triplinoo partner?


  Who can join as a partner?

Anyone can get to become a Triplinoo partner. Ensure you are an adult with valid identification with no criminal records.

  What kind of services are for Partners?

All service are available for partners. Partners can register. Hotels, Rooms (Accommodation), Vacation Rentals, Tours, Activites and Airport transfers. 

  When and how i will be paid?

When a guest makes a booking on and pays for it online, we’ll pay you end of every month to your bank deposit or Paypal wired also available to make payment.

  When will I receive payment and how long does a bank transfer take?

You’ll receive these guest payments by secure bank transfer. We’ll transfer you the payment no later than the 30th of the month after the guest checks out. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days to arrive in your account.

  How will I pay the commission for these bookings?

Triplinoo works on a commission-based model, meaning you pay us a set percentage on each reservation made through our platform. Our global commission rate average is 8%, among the lowest in the industry.
Your service will pay commission on confirmed booking after the guest pays
Please note that in your dashboard will show all bookings from the previous month. And you’ll receive the total amount of your reservations end of every month minus the total of all invoices from the previous month. You won’t have to pay commission as this will be automatically deducted from your payout. 


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