Hurghada is an Egyptian beach town that stretches over an almost 40 km long stretch of coast on the Red Sea. The area is a popular diving area with numerous diving shops and schools in the modern district of Sekalla. In addition, the district offers many restaurants, bars and night clubs. The picture in the old town of El Dahar, on the other hand , is shaped more by traditional Egyptian cafes and souks. Many hotels have settled on the long sandy beach of Hurghada.Popular leisure activities include windsurfing and sailing as well as excursions with glass bottom and diving boats. The well-known diving spots off the coast include the island of Giftun, a national park with coral reefs, turtles and stingrays. Umm Gamar offers a steep wall, caves and moray eels, Gota Abu Ramada is also known as the ``aquarium`` because of its colorful fish. Shipwrecks can be explored on the reef of Abu Nuhas. The dive sites off the coast can be reached as part of a day trip or a liveaboard from the port of Sekalla.



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