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Triplinoo intermediation service

Triplinoo GmbH a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Switzerland, and having its registered address at Hagenholzstrasse 83b, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland.

Triplinoo GmbH owns the website „“ and app (together the “Platform”).

Through the Platform, provides an online booking service through which - amongst others - accommodation providers, such as hoteliers, and other providers (“Provider”) can offer their products and booking services, and that the Platform users can use to make a reservation.

Triplinoo GmbH does not buy or (re-)sell the booking products or services. You pay the Provider directly (Triplinoo may have a facilitating role in this respect).

When you make a booking via the Platform, you are committed in a direct contractual relationship to the Provider with whom you made a reservation, unless specifically stated otherwise. communicates your booking details to the relevant Provider(s) and sends you a confirmation email in the name and on behalf of the Provider, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Our booking service is free for you.

Triplinoo may make available on the Platform certain payment methods for the (pre-/down-) payment of the reservation amount by guests pursuant to which (as available) bank transfer, credit card payments or other forms of online payments can be made and processed for and on behalf of the Provider. Triplinoo may allow a third party payment processor to operate through the Platform for the purposes of enabling this facilitated payment. This facilitation of payments by Triplinoo to the Provider does not prejudice in any way the legal relationship between the Provider and the guest.

The Providers

The Providers authorised to offer their booking products or services and whose deals are displayed on the Platform are in a contractual relationship with Triplinoo. Triplinoo does not have a capitalistic link with the Providers.

As part of this contractual relationship, Providers pay a commission (being a percentage of the product price (e.g. room price)) to Triplinoo after the end user has consummated the service or product of the Provider (e.g. after the guest has stayed at (and paid) the Provider).

A breach of the Provider’s obligations to Triplinoo can lead to its delisting.


The bookable products and services available on the Platform may not be exhaustive. The listed Providers don’t necessarily offer all their booking products or services on the Platform.

Triplinoo doesn’t list similar products and services offered by professionals or non-professionals who don’t have a contractual relationship with Triplinoo.

On the Platform, you will find the number of worldwide available booking products or services that are bookable on the Platform.

You will find on the search results page the number of Providers in the country, the region or the city where the service and/or the product is sought.


All Provider information displayed on the Platform is based on information given by Providers who update prices, availability and options at their sole discretion and at their own pace through the extranet website to which they have access.

Triplinoo endeavors to update the Platform in real time. However, content updates (such as text descriptions or the list of facilities of the Provider) might take a few hours.

Providers ranking (accommodation)


Our top picks (default ranking):

Triplinoo aims at displaying search results that are relevant for each specific guest, by providing a personalised default ranking of Providers on our Platform. Guests can scroll through this default ranking, use filters and sort by alternative ranking orders and thus have the ability to influence the presentation of search results to receive a ranking order based on other criteria. Triplinoo uses multiple algorithms to produce default ranking results, which is a constantly evolving process.

Triplinoo has identified the following parameters to be most closely correlated with a guest finding a suitable Provider and thus prioritises such parameters in the algorithms (main parameters): the guest’s personal search history, the rate of ‘click through’ from the search page to the hotel page (‘CTR’), the number of bookings related to the number of visits to the relevant Providers page on the Platform (‘Conversion’), gross (including cancellations) and net (excluding cancellations) bookings of a Provider. Conversion and CTR are affected by various factors including review scores (both aggregated scores and components), availability, policies, (competitive) pricing, quality of content and certain features of the Provider. The commission percentage paid by Providers or other benefits to Triplinoo (e.g. through commercial arrangements with the Provider or strategic partners) may also impact the default ranking, as well as the Provider’s record on timely payment.

The Provider may also influence its ranking by participating in certain programs - that may be updated from time to time - such as the Genius program, deals, the Preferred Partner Program and the visibility booster (the latter two involve the Provider paying a higher commission to Triplinoo). The Preferred Providers are marked with a “thumbs-up” symbol. Only Providers that meet and maintain certain qualification criteria can be listed as Preferred.


Show homes first:

Providers with a property that is qualified by Triplinoo as home property is displayed first.


Price (lowest first):

Providers will be displayed from lower to higher prices.


Review score and price:

Providers will be displayed from the best value for money to the lowest with a view to review score and price.


Stars and other quality ratings:

Deals are shown on the basis of the number of stars (low to high or high to low) that Providers provide to Triplinoo. Depending on the (local) regulations, the star classifications either are assigned by an (independent) third party, for example an (official) hotel rating organisation, or are based on the opinion of the Providers themselves, irrespective of objective criteria. Providers’ star rating displayed on the Platform is not determined by Triplinoo. Triplinoo does not impose formal obligations on star ratings and does not review them. Overall, the star classification is a representation of how the Provider compares to the legal requirements (if applicable) or, if not regulated, the sector or (customary) industry standards in terms of price, facilities and available services (these requirements and standards can vary between different countries and organisations). The quality ratings used for non-hotel Providers (for example bed & breakfast) may not correspond to the star classification system applicable to hotels. In case we receive information that Provider may have a misleading star classification on our Platform, we will verify this information with the Provider and ask it to either adjust their star classification or to declare it accurate and not misleading.

When filtering by star ratings, the results may also include other applicable quality ratings used on the Platform, such as holiday rentals. This quality rating is awarded by Triplinoo to home and apartment-like properties like for example Apartments, Villas and Holiday Homes. This quality rating is based on many factors including facilities, size, photos, review score, location and service. When filtering by star ratings, the user has the option to show ‘hotels only’ to remove the holiday rentals.


Star rating and price:

Providers will be displayed from the best value for money to the lowest with a view to star rating (including other quality ratings) and price.


Top reviewed:

Providers that received the best scores from guests will be displayed first (from high to low).


Distance from city centre:

Providers closest to the city centre will be displayed first (from the closest to the furthest).

Rate components and potential additional fees

The rates displayed on the Platform are set and communicated by the Providers. However, Triplinoo may give a credit/benefit to guests at its own costs.

The rates are displayed for the various options or combinations of options offered by the Provider. An option, unless stated otherwise, is a combination of a check-in date, check-out date, room type, occupancy, meal-plan (if any) and cancellation policy. In some specific cases a few more aspects may define an option.

The price displayed on the Platform includes all mandatory/unavoidable charges and fees to the extent such charges and fees are known to us and reasonably calculable. The potential taxes and additional fees may vary according to the country, the Provider, the selected room type and the number of guests. Each price description specifies which taxes are included and which are excluded, if applicable. More information about the components included in the rate can often be found through breakdowns/ tooltips shown next to the price. These breakdowns, though helping in understanding the price components better, may not be exhaustive in their detail. This information is also showing in your confirmation email. Please note that taxes may vary according to decisions taken by local authorities.

The Platform displays the equipment and facilities offered by the Provider (to the extent communicated by the Provider to To view them, click on the Provider name to open the deal breakdown. Additional fees may apply for some services or equipment, such as breakfast, cleaning service or internet. To know if the services and/or equipment offered are included in the rate, hover over the question mark showing in the „Your choices“ column.

The currency converter on our Platform is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate and effective at the time of booking; actual rates may vary.

Method for settling disputes

The contractual relationship is established between the Provider and the guest. Therefore, any claim regarding the stay policy or the performance of the services shall be addressed directly to the Provider.

The provision of our service shall be governed by Switzerland law and the Switzerland court has exclusive jurisdiction. However, consumers can rely on any applicable mandatory consumer law provisions as to applicable law and forum. For guests in the European Economic Area we advise to first notify of any complaints by contacting our Customer Service. If this does not resolve the complaint, the guest can upload the complaint via the European Commission’s ODR platform. This platform for online dispute resolution can be found here:


All reservations with instant confirmation on Triplinoo are confirmed directly to the Provider according to their registered availability online. Triplinoo provides guidelines and supports accommodation providers in order to quickly solve overbookings. Accommodation providers are required to honour all reservations made on the website and are the sole responsible for the management of overbooking cases. If an accommodation provider overbooks and cannot offer a suitable alternative accommodation, the guest has the option to cancel their booking at no cost (with a full refund of any prepayment), or choose a similar accommodation with the same price, if available.

Refund times depend on the type of payment. For reservations with payment facilitated by, we refund the guest. In 90% of cases, the refund is processed within 5 business days after:


a) the cancellation of the reservation due to confirmed over triplinoo; or


b) the reception and validation of the proof of charge after the stay, in cases of possible reimbursement of eventual rate difference due to relocation.

For all other reservations with payments managed by the accommodation provider, they are responsible for processing the refund. In this case, we will do our best to make sure the overbooked accommodation reimburses the guest as soon as possible. In case of relocation, the guest must send the Invoice of the alternative accommodation to our Customer Service in order to start the refund process.

Complaint management

We have multiple channels available for you to submit a query or complaint to our Customer Service team. Our Help Centre page has our most frequently asked questions and support information to help manage your booking. There, you can also get in touch with Customer Service, being routed to our fastest available channel: Live chat, Messaging, email or telephone. Alternatively, you can also send our Customer Service team a message directly via the reservation’s page or mobile app. All complaints are registered and will be worked on based on the request’s priority and urgency. Generally, 75% of complaints are responded within 24 hours, and 95% are responded within 5 business days.

In case of discrepancies in the accommodation’s description, we will verify the alleged discrepancies, ask our partner to modify the information displayed on the platform, if needed, and, if the issue is repeated and not actioned, we reserve the right to suspend the accommodation provider from our platform. In case of incorrectly loaded rates, the provider must contact the guest within reasonable time before the booked dates. We will do our best to intervene and negotiate between providers and customers to reach a favourable agreement.