FAQs - Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

  How can I book my holiday online?

Once you have selected your perfect hotel and programme, either by using our search tools or at the recommendation of our customer service team, go to the hotel’s profile page on our website and enter your travel details into the panel on the right hand side and click the “Check availability” button. If availability is limited, you will see “Enquire now”, and you can send us a non-binding enquiry using the form that appears if you click “Enquire now”. If the hotel is available, you will be given the option to “Book now”. You will then be taken to a window where you can fill in your travel details. Please note: after you have clicked “Confirm booking and payment”, the booking becomes binding.

  When booking online, do I receive the invoice via e-mail?

Yes, we will send you the invoice via e-mail.

  How can I request an invoice online?

Your invoice will be sent to you after the booking has been checked. If you have not received an invoice from us within 3 working days then please e-mail us.

  Will I receive a written confirmation of the booking?

Yes, you will receive an automatic written acknowledgment of the receipt of your booking request immediately after booking. After our team have checked all the details, the official confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail.

  Can I search for a hotel online?

We offer a range of tools to make it easy for you to find a hotel online. You can search for hotels using our themed pages or our search wizard. Use our "Travel Theme" filters or go to the "Destinations" field on our search window to search by country, region or hotel name. Please note that the filters automatically saved from your previous searcher may limit the number of results. Remove the unwanted filters one by one or scroll down and find "Remove all filters" on the left side.

  Can I book a flight online as part of the holiday package?

Yes you can book a flight through our website. We have the best flight connection.

  How can I book for a group?

For group bookings please send us an enquiry. We would be happy to organise a memorable group trip for you.

  I have special booking requests, how should I go about making a booking?

We will do our best to fulfil your special requests, although we cannot guarantee that the hotel will be able to accommodate all your wishes. To ensure that your wishes can be fulfilled, please contact our experienced customer service team before booking.

  Why is my telephone number required?

We need your phone number to contact you about any questions regarding your reservation and to notify you as soon as possible in the case of any sudden problems.

  Once I have recieved an offer with a price quote, how to I confirm the booking?

To book an offer, simply reply to the e-mail address from which you recieved the offer and confirm in writing that you would like to book the offer. The offer becomes binding at this point.

  When does the booking become binding for the customer?

Bookings made using our website become binding when you click "Book now" followed by "Payment and submit". Even if you do not enter payment details immediately after clicking "Confirm Booking and Payment", the booking is still binding and you will be obliged to pay. Bookings made via e-mail become binding once you have received an offer and accepted this offer in writing.

  How will I know if my pet is allowed to travel with me?

You can usually find out whether your pet is not allowed to travel with you by checking the hotel description. If you cannot find this information, please ask contact our customer service team.

  Which parts of my booking confirmation do I need to pay attention too?

Please check the details and the data carefully and pay particular attention to the check-in and check-out dates, as well as to the spelling of the names of the participants in the trip. Please also check the services listed in the programme and any additional information included in the offer.

  How can I pay for my trip ?

You can make a secure payment to Triplinoo using MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

  When do I need to pay for the holiday and how much is the deposit?

The deposit is 20% of the total price. The remaining 80% is to be paid 30 days before departure. For last-minute bookings i.e. bookings made within 4 weeks of the date of departure, the total price must be paid when you book.

  Can I transfer the whole amount directly?

Yes, you can pay the whole amount in one transaction.

  Can I pay for the trip in installments?

You cannot pay in installments, however, you can request to make a down-payment of 20% first and then pay the remaining 80% at least 30 days before the departure. Bookings made within less than 30 days before departure cannot be paid in installments.

  Do I have to to pay fees for a card payment?

For particularly common means of payment (e.g. Visa & MasterCard), no fees will be levied. Payments and with alternate payment methods (e.g.American Express) may have transaction fees - we will inform you of the amount before processing the payment.There is also a fee for paying via PayPal: 2% fee for payment in EUR and 4% for payments in CHF and other accepted currencies.

  Which currencies are accepted?

We accept payments made in CHF, GBP, EUR, USD, AUD.

  Where can I get an acknowledgement of my payment?

You will receive an email from our customer service team. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, you are welcome to contact our customer service to check whether the payment has been processed.

  How can I cancel or change a reservation?

You must inform customer service, either by calling or sending an email. Please clearly state your name, customer number and invoice/booking number. You can find your customer number and booking number in the invoice.

  What are the costs of change / cancellation?

Please refer to Triplinoo Terms and Conditions. There, under section 5, you will find "Cancellation and changes". Travel Conditions are sent automatically with every invoice. They can be found in the footer and at the top of our website under "Service".

  Can I change the names of travellers after making the booking?

It is possible to change the names of travellers after making a bookings, however fees may occur, in accordance with the Triplinoo Terms and Conditions.

  Why does Triplinoo encourage guests to review hotels?

Your opinion is very important to us and we want tohear about the holiday experiences of our customers. This will give other travellers information about the hotels and destinations. It also offers us the opportunity for continuous improvement and allows us to discuss any shortcomings with our hotel customers. We welcome any feedback from our customers. If you want to share your holiday experience, you are welcome to call our customer service team or send a written review to info@triplinoo.com

  Are discounts included in the total price?

Yes, all the discounts are already included in the calculation of the total price.